Jul 232018

For Love of a Comstock Girl

(a romantic comedy set in 1860s Virginia City.)
After a hard day, four miners all decide they’re going to embrace life and spend the night with the beautiful Julia Bulette. Unfortunately she has plans to attend an charity event that night. All might be lost for those poor men, but Mark Twain has a plan. He comes up with the idea of a competition – whoever can prove to Julia they love opera the best will be her date for the show, and her company for later. Now, four miners will to embark on a hilarious and heartwarming adventure to impress a Comstock Girl!

Show dates:

May 17, 18, 24, 25
June 1, 2

We’ll post links for tickets when they’re live!


Piper’s Players is a non-profit, free community theater based in the historical Piper’s Opera House. We provide acting opportunities for the rural and local communities around Virginia City, Nevada.

Interested in acting, singing, or dancing without an expensive fee to join or participate? Give us a try. We’re new and small, but that is changing.

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